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SayOne Technologies is the top  microservices development company in the USA. We offer comprehensive microservices development services and our developers recommend the options that are best suited to your business needs.


Why Opt for Microservice Architecture

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An architectural style wherein a software application is structured as small independent services is referred to as microservice architecture, or simply microservices. The loosely coupled and independently deployable small services are highly testable and maintainable. Microservices are organized around the capabilities of a business and are owned by small teams. The microservice architecture not only allows rapid development but also reliable deployment of large and complex applications, especially of enterprise nature.

SayOne Technologies, one of the leading microservices development companies in the USA, has helped many enterprises around the world modernize their legacy systems with state-of-the-art microservices applications. We have the experience and the expertise to quickly build microservices-based applications and provide updates and upgrades with minimal or no downtime at all. When it comes to microservices development, we build applications by leveraging the capabilities of agile and DevOps methodologies, technologies, and tools.

Our Microservices Development Services

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Microservices assessment

At SayOne, we are aware that the requirements of each business are different. That’s why we conduct an audit of your existing IT systems to create a strategic plan to switch to the microservice architecture. We determine the scope of microservice development services and recommend the best solution for the betterment of your business.

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Microservices migration

Our microservices migration services help you rebuild your monolithic software applications as a portfolio of small services. In addition to modernizing your applications, they enable a smooth transition to the cloud and improve the efficiency of your business processes. Besides, it improves scalability, flexibility, affordability, and deployment speeds.

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Microservices integration

SayOne’s Application Program Interface (API) services boost the performance and efficiency of all software applications and websites. We specialize in building and managing microservices by integrating APIs and making legacy apps and application databases more agile and flexible. We provide end-to-end services as we have a team of skilled developers on our team.

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Microservices testing

At SayOne, we employ state-of-the-art microservices testing methodologies to enhance the reliability of your solution. We design comprehensive testing strategies to ascertain the functionality of your application. Besides, our testing professionals evaluate your applications to ensure that they are ready in all respects to deliver the results you are looking for.

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Microservices support & maintenance

Our responsibility does not end with the deployment of your microservices-based software application. We will provide you with support and maintenance services to enhance the quality and performance of your application and reduce problems. Besides, we will provide you with enhancements and upgrades.

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Microservices and DevOps

Microservices and DevOps, practices that are designed to improve agility and operational efficiency, enable small teams to collaborate and build large and complex solutions. Furthermore, DevOps and the in-built capabilities of microservices enable our developers to enhance the quality of the application and achieve development goals faster.

Tools We Use for Microservices Development

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Service Fabric
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
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Enterprise Service Bus
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Azure API Management

Microservices Architecture

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Our Projects

We have helped many corporate visionaries achieve their goals by developing innovative solutions using emerging technologies. Our expertise in the deployment of these technologies has helped them automate and streamline their business processes and optimize operational efficiency. We have successfully implemented top-class technology solutions to help our clients around the world stay ahead of their competitors and grow their businesses. Hire expert developers from SayOne and solve your complex business problems!

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An app with employer dashboard that facilitates viewing transaction history and management of employee salary advance requests

  • App to help employees of an organization to be able to access portions of their salaries anytime without disturbing the normal payroll process
  • Automatic disbursal of advance amounts to employees without the need for employer permission
  • Powered by Firebase and React JS technologies
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A tech platform to efficiently manage user data and organizational activities of the Indian Pentecostal Church of God

  • A complete app with public websites, community social media portals, and governing body dashboards
  • App has a built-in capability to send bulk SMS, mailing labels, circulars, and other information
  • Built using Django and android technologies
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  • SaaS E-commerce platform for pet food retailers in US/Canada market.
  • Retailers can create their own online store with simple steps without worrying about the huge capital expense or tech hardlers involved
  • Built using powerful technologies such as Python, Java, CSS, PostgreSQL and Html.
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A powerful wine business simulator coupled with a simplified learning management system comprising workbooks quizzes and video tutorials

  • Best Suited for students, wine industry employees and seasoned wine businessmen
  • Capable of doing everything that one can do on an excel sheet
  • Built using powerful technologies such as Python, Angular JS and Go Language

Microservice Development - FAQs

Microservices are an architectural approach to software development. In the microservice architecture, application software is made up of small independent services. These services link with each other over APIs. Furthermore, the services are owned by self-contained teams.

In a monolithic architecture, all the software application processes are tightly coupled together and run as one service. If one process experiences a demand spike, the entire architecture has to be scaled. Moreover, it is a challenging task to add or improve features or implement new ideas with the growth of the code base.

An application built using the microservice architecture will have many independent components, and they will run each process as a service. This makes it easy to update and deploy services and scale up operations to meet the increased demand for certain functions of a software application.

The tools we use for microservices development include Kubernetes, Docker, Service Fabric, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Enterprise Service Bus, and Azure API Management.

The advantages of using the microservice architecture are:

  • Technology diversity – Microservices can be easily integrated with other libraries, frameworks, and databases.
  • Fault isolation – Failure of a process will not impact the whole application.
  • Reduction in deployment time
  • Improves business process agility
  • Enables flexibility in scaling specific services to meet a spike in demand

Fortunately, it is not necessary to code all microservices in the same language. Microservices communicate with each other through APIs. As such, software programmers can code different services in different languages as long as they maintain the communication protocols. That said, using many languages can add to the complexity of an application.

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