IPC case study


IPC (Indian pentecostal church of god) is an organization with more than 3 lakh members and 3500 churches. They wanted to build a technology platform to manage their organizational activities and user data efficiently. The IPC community has multiple layers of administrator bodies performing their respective functions. The superior body monitors and governs each of these administrative bodies. They wanted a complete solution that includes public websites, social media portals for the community and dashboards for governing bodies. To recover the capital investment made on the tech portal they also wanted to add a yearly subscription module for the governing bodies to access the portal.

  • IPC case study



  • IPC case study



  • IPC case study


    Web & Mobile App

IPC case study

Our Challenge

The majority of IPC administrators and members are aged between 40years to 65 years with very minimal knowledge of operating a web portal. Dashboards, in general, are more complex to operate than scrolling a website and given the users' proficiency with technology the challenge was to create an easy to use and understand interface while not compromising on the functionalities.

IPC case study

Our Solution

To achieve the desired functionality we decided to create multiple dashboards that will be controlled by one Super admin dashboard. This master dashboard will grant access to websites and dashboards to governing bodies based on their subscription to carry out respective operations.

Frontend website management, governing body profiles, member data management, payment handling, event register are some of the operations that the governing bodies can perform using the dashboard. The dashboard admins can send bulk SMS, circulars, mailing labels, and other information and management activities using the system.

The design of the dashboard is such that the interface is self-explanatory and proposing very high readability for better understanding for even a novice.


Full-stack web development

API development

Third-party service integration and data migration

System maintenance

Team extension / Dedicated team

Technologies Used

IPC case study
IPC case study

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