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JetEngine. Custom Query Builder for WordPress

Sort and query WooCommerce products, post, terms, users, SQL tables data, comments, REST API items, CCTs and list them up.

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How it works
Query Builder for WordPress

Manage Queries via One-Stop Interface

Forget about scattered widget settings. Query Builder stands for centralized approach, improved site performance & advanced query setup.

Centralized approach

Improved site perfomance

Advanced Query Settings

Manage Queries with one-stop interface
Manage Queries with one-stop interface
Dynamic Counter
Custom Query Types
Cached Value Render
16 widgets = 1 render

Dynamic Counter

Add a dynamic tag to the fields to show the results count.

Show/Hide Element

Output content based on the “Query Has Items” condition.

Use Dynamic Data

Embed the needed macros in the Query Builder fields.

Preview Results

See queried results right on the Query Builder settings page.

Query Any & All Data Types

Display CPT Query Types

Showcase sorted posts by multiple parameters

Query one or several custom post types at once & display them anywhere site-wide.


  • Query by Post Status and Order by post meta
  • Use Meta Query to compare given data type values
  • Query posts by terms and hierarchical taxonomies
  • Set year, month, day, and comparison operators

comparison operators

Total query number
per page

Set Order by
Term and Parameter

Display Query Results
via Elementor or Gutenberg

Benefit by seamless integration

Query Builder is fully compatible with JetPlugins and WooCommerce allowing you to query any type of data in the listing.

Query Builder integration with JetSmartFilters
Query your reviews with JetReviews and Query Builder
Create custom product Query with WooCommerce

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