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Crocoblock. Personal account overview


This tutorial describes the settings you can access from Crocoblock Personal Account page. It’s time to get to know the service.

Are you looking for any new features to boost your WordPress-based site? Want to know about Crocoblock service for WordPress and access the ultimate products package for the free of charge Elementor page builder? Or maybe you’ve already joined the Crocoblock family and have got an opportunity to use a service subscription? In this case, accept our congratulations!

The first step you should do on the site is to log in to your personal account on Crocoblock website.

Let’s look through the Customer account in this tutorial.

knowledge base information icon
Now all the necessary information is placed on the one page instead of tabs as it was in the previous version.

Purchase Details

On the right section, you will have easy access to the necessary details about your purchase. This block contains several sections with information not only about the License but also about the purchased JetPlugins:

crocoblock account
  • your purchase ID to each purchase apart;
  • the date when you’ve purchased the Crocoblock subscription;
  • the total price, that shows how much the subscription costs;

When you click the View details line you will see more data about the purchase:

  • the Payment status which shows the status of your payment, is it complete or not yet;
  • any available Discount(s) and the corresponding (promo)codes for them;
  • the Invoice which you can download if you need;
  • general information about your License type (Annual/ Lifetime) and the terms (Single Site, Unlimited sites), and the License Key field with an available license key which you need to use while installing Crocoblock in the WP Dashboard. Also, you will see the expiration date of the license in the Expiration field and a list of websites where the Crocoblock license is active in the Installs line;
  • the Subscription Details where you can see the Renewal Date, Times Billed, and the Status of the subscription.
subscription details

Canceling the subscription

To cancel the subscription, click the “Manage” button in the Subscription details section and hit the “Cancel” button in the pop-up window.

cancelling the subscription

Asking for refund

If you are not satisfied with something – you can ask for a refund. However, the refund option is available only 30 days after the date of purchase. During those 30 days in the membership settings section, there will be a “Refund Request” button. Click it and afterward fill and submit the form to ask for the refund.

refund button

Downloading the invoice

If you click on the “Download Invoice” link – you’ll be able to load the invoice directly to your hard drive. Note, that in order to add the VAT number to the invoice you’d need to contact our support team, and we’ll create a custom invoice personally for you.

Upgrading the license

Click on the “Upgrade License” link in case you want to manage the ongoing subscription, prolong or update it. On the screen, you can click the “Upgrade” button and after that, you will be redirected to the Checkout page. Here you can choose the preferred payment method and perform your update successfully.

Purchase Details

Adding more sites to the subscription

Navigate to the Installs option and click on the “Manage Sites” link in order to add more sites to your license. You will also able to deactivate your license for any website where it is installed. Press the “Deactivate Site” button to do so.

Manage Sites

At the top of the block, you can click on the “Close” button to roll the block up.

Crocoblock license subkeys

If you have purchased a license that allows several activations on different websites you, probably, would like to protect it from stealing. Subkeys can help you with that.

What is a subkey?

The Subkey is a set of symbols that can replace the main license key for a concrete domain.

The subkey will work only for a single domain that you set during its creation.

You can use it while working on your client’s site and even if someone will get it – he won’t be able to use it anywhere else. Actually, the subkey is a single-site license that you can create from your bigger subscription. 

ATTENTION! We strongly recommend using subkeys on all websites that don’t belong to you. For the safety of your subscription, please, use the main license key only on the local sites and those ones that belong to you.

For the safety of the website you create for your client, it is better to build it in your test environment and upload it to the client’s domain only after finishing everything. It is also better for the safety of your license key. Be aware, that subkeys don’t work with the Crocoblock Wizard. Upload the ready-made website to the client’s domain, generate the subkey for that domain and use it to activate the license.

Once more – the main key is for you, the developer, only. Use subkeys on the client’s domains.

How to create a subkey?

Go to your account and in the Purchase Details column find the Crocoblock Membership tile that has several activations. Right under the License key, you will find the “Manage Subkeys” link. Click on it.

manage subkeys button

In the pop-up window insert the domain to the Enter domain URL bar and press the “Create” button.

enterring the domain

The subkey will be generated automatically, you will be able to see it in the Key column. Any time you need, you can delete this key by hitting the “Revoke key” button. In that case, the license will be canceled for the website which domain you entered. 

available subkeys

Copy the subkey and use it as a normal key to activate the plugins on the website. The Status of the keys that were used to activate the subscription will change to “Activated”.

Downloads and Extras

On the left block, you will see the section which features all the products you can download after you’ve purchased the Crocoblock subscription. Let’s look through a list of products.

Download block offers the range of the next options which you can easily download:

Download block
  • Plugins – in this block you are able to download the latest versions of all the plugins separately;
  • Popups offer you to download the last versions of the available popups to make leads into clients quicker with special offers.

Extras block makes it possible to upload the last version of the next options:

Extras block
  • Themes contain several versions compatible with your current installed theme;
  • Installation block consists of the number of wizards for smooth plugins, demo content installation, or themes;
  • Plugins block offers you to update the limited ones to come with other themes or created especially for the particular element.


This button you can find on the right top of your screen. Here you are able to Log Out from the account page.

This page consists of your account information you’ve defined when registering: the first name, the last name, your email address, etc. There is also information about your billing address.

Fill in the fields to provide the necessary data. In this section, you can change your password.

Personal Account settings

Moreover, you can subscribe to email massaging to be informed of the latest news. Don’t forget to click the “Save Changes” button after the changes are made!

To return to your account you should click the “Return to account” button.

That’s it! We hope this tutorial was helpful for you!