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LiveSpace is a social, subscription-based live streaming platform built for creators. LiveSpace unlocks a new global audience for creators with a platform centered around artist-fan interaction and live events. A direct-to-creator subscription model allows fans to support their favorite creators in exchange for exclusive content. Nexus is infinitely scalable - from an artist painting live in their home studio to a sold-out arena show being simultaneously streamed to fans around the world.

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Our Challenge

The latest updates rolled out by interactive live streaming agencies like Twitch have announced more favorable pay splits for its creators from ad revenues, about 55 percent. However, many live streamers/creators are not satisfied with this pay split because of the large revenues that the platforms make by running ads. However, we thought that it is time creators got their fair share by creating a web app that splits a higher portion of the ad revenue to the creator.

Our Solution

We, therefore, went about creating a powerful web app LivSpace that serves to pay better ad revenues to the creators in the USA who currently do not see any of the big ad revenues that alive-streaming platform makes. The web app creates an 85% split of ad revenues in favor of the creator instead of the average 55% currently paid out. Moreover, the web app enables single-click live-streaming straight from the browser and this makes it possible for anyone to watch the videos thus giving a chance to the creators to become more visible and increase their earnings.


Web development

API development

Third-party service integration

Technologies Used

town hall case study
Spring boot Java
town hall case study
town hall case study

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