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Frequently asked questions

About Crocoblock
What page builders is Crocoblock compatible with?
We are fully compatible with the Elementor page builder. As to the default WordPress page builder, also known as Gutenberg, it supports Crocoblock plugins.
Do I need Elementor to work with Crocoblock?
You can use JetPlugins with Elementor Page Builder, and some JetPlugins are already compatible with Gutenberg editor.
Do I need Elementor Pro to work with Crocoblock?
No, you do not require Elementor Pro to work with our plugins.
What themes are compatible with Crocoblock?
There are six themes officially tested by Crocoblock. Kava is a light and clean theme, designed to work perfectly with JetPlugins. You may want to install the Child Kava theme from our Crocoblock Wizard, which can be found in your Crocoblock account. Also, Crocoblock is compatible with Elementor Hello Theme, OceanWP, Astra, Blocksy, and GeneratePress.
Does Crocoblock have plugins for Gutenberg?
So far, we offer you these Gutenberg pluginsJetEngine, JetSmartFilters, JetGridBuilder, JetFormBuilder, JetProductGallery, etc. Other Gutenberg plugin integrations are in the pipeline.
I am a web developer who creates websites for clients. Can I use Crocoblock?
Absolutely. Though, we highly recommend using subkeys for your clients’ projects. For security purposes, one subkey works for a single domain only. Please, keep in mind that subkeys don’t work with the Crocoblock Wizard.
Is Crocoblock GPL-compatible?
Crocoblock’s initial code is GPL-compatible and, therefore, completely eligible for public use. Supplementary services (such as plugin updates, client support, etc.) are included in the Crocoblock subscription and are implemented on a commercial basis. This means the users can’t resell the Crocoblock license as it contains additional services provided by our company, and that does not align with GPL rules.
What are the technical requirements needed to use Crocoblock?
Please make sure to meet all the requirements listed below in order for Crocoblock products to work smoothly:
  • PHP 7.3 or higher;
  • MySQL 5.6 or higher;
  • WP memory limit of 512 MB or higher;
  • SSL certificate on the server;
  • TLS protocol versions: 1.0, 1.1 , 1.2 , or 1.3.
Also, you might want to check if your hosting provider is compliant with all the needed requirements for your project.
Do you have a free trial?
No, we don’t. But we are glad to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not completely satisfied with our products.
Subscription and License
Which subscription types does Crocoblock offer?
Crocoblock offers two major types of subscriptions – Yearly and Lifetime. The Yearly subscription type embraces the following ones:
  • A Single Plugin subscription (for One or Unlimited number of websites). You are free to purchase any one plugin you need. Although, bear in mind that it’s still a subscription package, which needs to be renewed in a year.
  • A Custom subscription. It will be perfect if you seek to assemble your own set of plugins. Add the desired plugins to the cart, decide on the number of projects (One website or Unlimited), and pay for relevant products at the checkout. Please mind, that separate plugins can not be renewed, while this type of subscription would be renewed as a whole unit.
  • The All-Inclusive Yearly subscription (for One or Unlimited websites). It gives access to all JetPlugins and pre-made templates for one year. This set is perfect for building a content-rich website with a complex structure.
All the plans represented above come with a free Kava theme, premium support, and timely product updates.
The All-Inclusive Lifetime subscription grants you unlimited access to all Crocoblock products and updates, pre-made templates, and customer support forever and lets you build as many websites as you want at a fixed one-off payment.
How do I upgrade my subscription to All-Inclusive Yearly or All-Inclusive Lifetime?
You can always upgrade to All-Inclusive Yearly or All-Inclusive Lifetime here: Pick the preferred pricing plan and press the “Update” button. Thus, only the difference between two plans would be charged.
If you have a Single Plugin subscription, go to your Crocoblock account page. There, you will see the pricing plan you have chosen in the Upgrade License section. Click the “Upgrade” button to proceed to the Checkout page. Here you can choose the preferred payment method and perform your update successfully.
If you have a Custom Crocoblock subscription, you can upgrade to All-Inclusive Yearly and Lifetime in both the Crocoblock account and Crocoblock Dashboard in the WP admin panel. The procedure is the same as above.
Please note that the upgrade does not mean your subscription will be prolonged. Let’s assume you purchased a plan on March, 25th 2020 Two days before its expiration, on March, 23d 2021, you upgraded the membership. Does that mean that your license is extended for another year? No, an upgrade is not a renewal; even then, you will have to pay a fixed yearly amount to prolong your subscription.
How to upgrade my package from One website to Unlimited?
If you have a Custom Crocoblock subscription, you can upgrade to All-Inclusive Yearly and Lifetime. It can be done in either your Crocoblock account or Crocoblock Dashboard in the WP admin panel. If you have a subscription for One website (Custom) but want to upgrade to Unlimited, please contact Crocoblock support.
How to extend a subscription for another year?
The renewal process is fairly easy and does not take long. If your license key is still active and there is enough money on a bank card attached to your Crocoblock account, the renewal will be automatic. Otherwise, you may need to renew manually. Please complete the following steps:
  • Go to your Crocoblock account and log into it.
  • Find Crocoblock Membership in the Purchase Details section.
  • In the License block, press the “Renew License” link.
  • Fill in the checkout form that you are redirected to.
Read the full membership renewal guide if any questions arise.
What happens if I will NOT renew my subscription?
If you choose not to renew your subscription, it will remain operative till it expires. After the license expires, the website(s) built with Crocoblock products will keep working. However, it will be impossible to get the updates, use the template library, or access the Downloads directory in your Crocoblock account. We highly recommend you download and save the latest plugin versions prior to license expiration and make no changes to the developed website(s) afterward.
Kindly mind that we do not provide official support to customers whose license is out of date. They can no longer qualify for Zoom calls and help from the Crocoblock support team.
What should I do if my license expires soon, and I intend to keep using Crocoblock?
Make sure there is enough money on your credit card in order for the system to charge you and extend the subscription. If there is no money on the credit card, the automatic license renewal will fail. In this case, you are supposed to renew the license manually. Another option is to cancel the existing subscription, purchase the new one, and use it instead.
Can the subscription be canceled?
Yes, the subscription can be canceled from your personal Crocoblock account. In this case, no more recurrent charges will be made. Still, you will be entitled to receiving customer support services and plugin updates for as long as your license key remains active.
Can I get a complete invoice with the VAT itemized for the Lifetime license?
Since our Head Office is located in the USA we do have a TAX ID: 42-1774657 (or EIN – employer’s identification number). This is not a European VAT number, therefore you can not confirm it on the site of income revenue authority.
How do I qualify for a 30-day refund?
If you are not satisfied with any of the Crocoblock products, you can ask for a refund during the first 30 days from the date of purchase. Refunds are carried out regardless of the purchase amount and total price. To qualify for a refund, please submit a refund request from your personal Crocoblock account. Bear in mind that we do not repay the service fee you have been charged by your bank when making a purchase. Also, if you buy two or more Crocoblock plugins within a Custom subscription, we are unable to repay just one of them. The entire subscription cost will be refunded.
I bought a Crocoblock subscription at a discount. Can I expect it to be renewed at a reduced price?
Renewals are always made at the price, which was effective at the time of the purchase. This means that you will be charged a fixed amount (let’s say, $79) on a yearly basis until you choose to cancel the subscription. If you wish to renew after canceling, you can still expect the same yearly price as before ($79). However, any and all discounts applied at the initial purchase are deemed a one-time privilege and will not count for future renewals.
How to update the products included in the Crocoblock subscription?
As long as the subscription license is active, you get all the newly-released plugin add-ons, plugin updates, and other product updates included in your subscription plan. The updates are received via Crocoblock Dashboard in your WordPress admin panel. To update the plugins, you should have an active license key. Moreover, you can download the updated plugin version from your Crocoblock account.
Does the license key activation on a local server qualify as an installation?
It certainly does. If you have got a license key for One website and activated it on your local server, this license key is deemed operative and cannot be reused elsewhere.
How many websites can I create using one Unlimited license?
This license type allows you to create an unlimited number of websites within a specified timeframe. However, if we happen to detect any suspicious activity on your account like a huge number of newly-created websites, we retain the right to cancel your subscription. There is nothing to worry about if you do not resell the license. Prior to cancellation, we may want to request a list of domains where the license key was used. In case you need to grant access to any websites of yours, make sure to use subkeys. This is a way to protect your license from being stolen and avoid unwanted attention to your account.
How to transfer a Crocoblock-based website to the client and protect the license key?
For security purposes, you ought to use a subkey. If your license allows activations on multiple websites, we highly recommend using only subkeys for your clients’ projects. A subkey is specifically generated to work with one domain only. However, you might want to acknowledge that subkeys don’t work with the Crocoblock Wizard..
Does the license allow reselling the items from the subscription?
Crocoblock owns distributed GPL-compatible code and commercial-based services included in the product subscription. This means that any WordPress user can work with the initial plugins’ code freely, but they are not eligible to resell the Crocoblock license as it contains supplementary services provided by our company.
Can I use the license to create my own commercial products?
No, it is strictly prohibited to use the Crocoblock plugins in any way that causes any direct or indirect – incidental and consequential – damages to the Crocoblock brand itself and Crocoblock users.
Nevertheless, we are always open to new cooperation opportunities provided that such partnership does not breach any of our policies. If you look forward to cooperating with us, please contact our marketing team at [email protected]. We shall address all questions and figure out a mutually beneficial agreement.
How can I get JetFormBuilder PRO Addons if I have Crocoblock?
JetFormBuilder PRO Addons are available via 100% discount for the Crocoblock customers with the All-Inclusive Yearly (for One or Unlimited websites) and Lifetime subscriptions.
I received a request to send a copy of my passport/ a driver's license or credit/debit card. Is it legal?
Yes, even if the credit card was accepted by the merchant system we keep the right for our own anti-fraud verification. In all cases of fraudulent activity online it is always the vendor who suffers the loss.
Why do I have to undergo anti-fraud verification?
Although the overwhelming majority of our customers are genuinely honest, there are cases of unauthorized credit card usage. Therefore, all of our orders are subject to a manual anti-fraud check. This verification procedure is aimed at enabling secure shopping for all of our customers. The usual order confirmation procedure will last no more than 15 minutes and does involve phone verification. Hence, every customer is required to provide a contact phone number for verification purposes. Also, under some circumstances, the billing representative does have the right to postpone the order until further verification is received.
Why do I need to verify my order?
The verification procedure is aimed at enabling secure shopping for all of our customers. The usual order confirmation procedure will last no more than 15 minutes. If you have any difficulties with verification, you can contact our Billing Department via email at [email protected]
I haven’t received my products. What do I do?
Make sure that you have submitted your e-mail address correctly for delivery purposes. Please check your email “Bulk/Junk” folder to see if the e-mail has been held by your anti-spam filters. The delivery e-mail was sent to you from [email protected] You may contact our representatives for assistance at [email protected].
My card got charged twice for the same purchase. What do I do?
Please, submit your request to [email protected] or [email protected]. You should provide us with details for the new invoice. Usually, such requests are handled within 24-48 hours.
I’ve entered the wrong email while ordering
Please contact us at [email protected] and provide us with your correct email. We will change the email to the correct one.
Last updated: January 27, 2022
Refund and Cancellation
How to receive the refund?
You can receive a refund during the first 30 days from the date of purchase. This can be done via your personal Crocoblock account. You can claim a full refund regardless of the package cost. However, you should consider some limitations that touch upon:
  • Exchange rates
Please keep in mind that if you purchase the Crocoblock subscription in any other currency than USD, we do not repay the concurrent difference in exchange rates.
  • Service fees
In case you have been charged a service fee when purchasing a Crocoblock subscription, the amount you will receive as a refund will not include the service fee mentioned above. Since we do not charge you any extras, we cannot reimburse you for paying service or tax fees established by your country.
  • Single plugin refunds
If you have purchased a total of two and more plugins under a Custom subscription, you cannot claim a refund for any one of them separately. We shall make a refund for all plugins within your subscription, and – if you still wish to continue using several of them – you will have to add them to the Cart anew and form another Custom package.
How and where can I cancel my subscription?
The subscription can be canceled at any time in your personal Crocoblock account. In this case, no recurrent charges will be made anymore. However, if you wish to resume after a while, you will be charged the very same price you paid upon the first-time purchase.
I am a Crocoblock client and I have been charged for another year. Can I qualify for a 30-day refund if not willing to continue using Crocoblock?
Yes, you can ask for a refund within 30 days from the date of auto-renewal. Please make sure to contact our support team, and we will fix that up.
Can’t find how to make the refund after auto-renewal.
The ability to ask for a refund is valid only for 30 days after the purchase. So, if you need a refund after auto-renewal, please ask support for the refund.
What should I do if accidentally cancel auto-renewal?
After the subscription expires, you will find Renew License button in your account.
Last updated: January 27, 2021
Who сan use support services?
We support the products that are being sold on only. Our customers are subject to email verification via the credentials they used to purchase the products on Once the support agents get the valid purchase email and a license key, the support through chats, tickets, or video calls will be provided. In case the customer specifies a subkey, the support will be provided only if the following key is verified via purchase email. We also can refuse support services to any customer or even discontinue their license, if they happen to breach any of our Terms of Use policy provisions.
When support services are provided?
The Support Services are provided in the following cases:
  • you faced an issue caused by any of the products provided by Crocoblock and need assistance to solve it;
  • you find it difficult to work with the functionality provided by some products within the Crocoblock subscription and need guidance or assistance from the support team;
  • you have some pre-sale questions and would like to get assistance before purchasing the product.
Before contacting the support team, please make sure that your site licenses are up to date and the site is optimized according to this short guide: We highly recommend checking the troubleshooter, knowledge base, YouTube academy and the Facebook community in particular, since the question you might have has already been answered.
If you require help that is not within this scope, such as how to use default WordPress functionality, then we are likely to redirect you to external articles or support forums instead.
Please note that the support agents retain the right to refuse the provision of Support Services across all support channels if there was no purchase email provided.
Cases not covered by support services
  • there is no valid purchase email provided
  • the license is expired, cancelled or refunded
  • there’s a compatibility issue with a third-party product
  • the server or website’s parameters don’t meet the recommended requirements necessary for Crocoblock products to work, and you`re unable to change the settings
  • the issue happens in the browser
  • the question asked is not related to the products acquired from Crocoblock’s official website
  • a question features additional customization, custom CSS, and functionality not provided by Crocoblock products (in this case, it is recommended to add a feature request).
Crocoblock support team’s working hours
We are available for support from 9 AM to 6 PM as per EET (UTC+2) timezone during business days. You can find out your time zone equivalent here In case of Ukrainian national holidays or high activity in the support channels, this schedule may slightly differ, which would be mentioned in the tickets and chats.
Support services available languages
  • English;
  • Ukrainian.
If any other language is used, our support agents will do their best to understand the message, using Google Translator, but the response will be provided in English. In case of a video call, the agents retain the right to redirect the customer’s issue to another support channel be it the chat or ticket.
If you attach the video of the issue, please be sure that the audio is recorded in the English, Ukrainian languages.
Average estimated response time
The average estimated answer time from the Crocoblock support team to a ticket is 24 hours (1 business day). Please note that all the ticket requests are processed according to the submission’s queue – from the oldest to the newest ones only.
The average estimated answer time from the Crocoblock support team to a chat is 3-10 minutes unless there is no other note about the chat being overloaded or the agents being out of office, etc.
Average issue processing time
Usually, it takes up to 1-2 business days to get the common issue resolved. For bug reports, the resolution time might take longer, and the approximate timeframe would be provided by the support agent.
In some cases, a more detailed investigation is needed, and the support agent will inform you that the solution needs time to be implemented by developers. In this case, the response time will depend on how quickly the developers will provide the needed fix.
Which cases are considered Zoom-worthy?
Cases we cover through video calls:
  • you are working on the localhost, and there is no way to provide full access to the website to our support team;
  • you are working with the issue, which is difficult to explain in the tickets or chat, and it is necessary to share the screen;
  • you can not provide the credentials due to the policy or any other security reason and it is better to share the screen.
How to book a video call?
A video call can be booked on the Crocoblock Help Center page. Once you are redirected to the Calendly, please pick a desired date, time and fill in the required fields to schedule a meeting with a support agent. Please note, that the time zone is EET (UTC+2) and you can find out your time zone equivalent here
How do I know that the call is booked?
Once you book a call, the confirmation will be sent right away to the email you provided in the booking form. If there is no notification, please check the Spam, Social, Promotions, Notifications, and other folders or make sure that the email address was filled in properly.
How many video calls can I book?
You can book 8 Zoom calls per month (but no more than 1 per day) under one purchase email. Please keep in mind that once you haven’t attended the video call without notice, this call would count in, and the total number of calls will be reduced by one.
How much time can I speak with the support agent during a video call?
Video calls’ duration is set to 30 minutes. In case the issue takes longer than 30 minutes, or some questions remained unanswered during the call, please create a ticket in order to carry on the communication with the support agent. We highly recommend preparing the questions beforehand to make the call more productive.
What info should I provide for the Zoom call?
In order to speed up the processing of the issue in tickets or chats, please consider providing the following information in a private ticket or chat:
  • website’s address (URL);
  • login credentials (username and password);
  • FTP access (phpMyAdmin, cPanel, etc.);
  • permission to activate/deactivate your plugins and switch the theme;
  • a link to the page where the issue has occurred;
  • a detailed description of the issue, as well as screenshots capturing the issue.
GitHub Requests
Do you have the roadmap? How do GitHub and bug fixes work?
The development team has various internal tasks, agreed upon and brainstormed within the team. This is how our roadmap is built. Additionally, we include time for bug fixes related to WordPress and third-parties updates, or code defects. Working time is distributed like so: approximately 70% takes ongoing tasks and 30% bug fixes. If the tasks and bug fixes are fulfilled earlier, the team can add GitHub requests to the roadmap.
What should I do if plugin functionality is not working?
If you find some functionality is not working as expected, go to the support team and share your issue. If your request is a bug, our team will fix this as soon as possible. If this is a new feature request, feel free to leave it on GitHub and our development team will have a look when we finish current development tasks and prepare everything for a new one.
What do GitHub labels mean?
Usually, our developers look through all requests and attach the appropriate label. If the request has no label or comment, that could mean it’s not popular at this time, or the developer hasn’t viewed it yet. No need to ask the support team about the status of your request, this doesn’t speed up the review and implementation process. The label doesn’t guarantee that a particular request is in work. Each request will be viewed and/or implemented in order of priority/popularity.
How can I become an affiliate?
Crocoblock welcomes all new affiliates!
  • Please fill in the short form to register, and you are good to go
  • Sign in to your account and generate a unique referral link
  • Distribute content about Crocoblock across your media platforms and refer the new users via your affiliate link
How much can I earn with Crocoblock?
Our affiliates get 50% of every unique sale.
Important: the affiliate sale is tracked only if your visitors proceed to Crocoblock website via your referral link.
Where can I promote Crocoblock?
Blog, YouTube, Social media pages. Fantasy is the only limit! Embed referral link into the banner ads (you`ll find them in Account > Creatives) or on the websites made with Croco.
Does the affiliate payout apply to the license upgrades?
No, the affiliate payout is applied only on the purchases coming from new Crocoblock customers.
When will I get the earned money?
The minimum amount for withdrawal is $400.
According to Crocoblock policies, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee in case the customer is not completely satisfied with the products. Consequently, the affiliate payment is processed within the first 15 business days of the month that comes after the period which covers the 30 days money-back guarantee.
A quick example. Your referred customer made a purchase on November, 20. The customer’s money-back guarantee expires on December, 20. Your affiliate payout will be approved within the period January, 1 — January, 15. This payout can be withdrawn if your accumulated affiliate earnings amount is min $400.
What payment system should I use to get the money?
The affiliate payout is transferred via PayPal. You need to have a valid PayPal email address assigned to your account to receive the payments.
Where to check how much I’ve earned?
You are welcome to track the earnings in your account. Head over the Affiliate Area, Payouts section.
Last updated: Jun 3, 2022